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About Us

The best food packaging solutions for New Zealand businesses

Your product deserves the finest packaging and that’s exactly what our company provides. First impressions matter and with plastic packaging from Formrite Plastics, your products will create the right first impression every time.

Established in 1975, Christchurch-based Formrite Plastics has more than four decades of experience in providing plastic packaging solutions for New Zealand businesses. Our talented team create a range of items from packaging for baked goods for Auckland bakeries to fruit trays for Nelson farmers.

When you choose Formrite Plastics for your NZ food packaging supplies you benefit from:

  • high-quality food packaging that meets all necessary standards
  • efficient lead times from concept through to production
  • in-house design and machining options for custom plastic packaging
  • options for short runs if you want to trial a new product
  • labelling options for medium run packaging
  • competitive prices

For all enquiries about our food packaging products, please contact Formrite Plastics today.

Our plastic packaging is multi-purpose and sought after for many products

Formrite Plastics has clients across diverse industries and offers a wide range of food safety compliant plastic packaging for NZ businesses. Examples of our packaging types include:

  • Trays - used for baking, biscuits, meat and chocolate
  • Blisters - either sealed on or slide on and come complete with backing card
  • Hinged containers - perfect for fruit, vegetables and cakes and bakery items
  • Lids and inserts - Ilids and inserts for cardboard boxes
  • End caps - end caps for tubes
  • Seed trays - stock trays for the nursery industry
  • Fruit trays - stock trays for the berry fruit industry

If one of our stock packaging products is not suitable, then talk to us about custom food packaging for your business.

FAQs about our food packaging

How do you deliver packaging that exactly matches what my product needs?
Precision in every area is crucial to us. We have an extensive design process which allows packaging to be custom made to meet the requirements of your product.

How do I order plastic packaging from you?
Once you are 100% satisfied with our samples, of which there is typically 10, it is easy to order from us. You can either visit our Christchurch-based business in person, order via email or ring us.

Do you process smaller runs?
Yes. Many of our clients choose to launch a new product on a small scale to see how the market responds. When you work with us, your business benefits directly from cheaper development costs and shorter delivery times.

It is easy to make an enquiry about our packaging products. Simply contact Formrite Plastics today.

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